Night 1: The Butcher's Den

Great misfortune befell our wanderers, each rousing awake to the stench of rotting flesh and the sound of chains, their bodies dangling limply from a dark ceiling. Katherine Trix was the first to escape her bonds, freeing Jiva Crown to the best of her ability in the inky, moldering storage. Not before long, a sizable hideous man lumbered into the fray, chopping the still yet unaware* [Michael’s character]* down only to be skillfully ambushed by the two heroines. The battle dragged on and reaching it’s climax it was shown that the bloody butcher was no mortal man, in fact no man at all, but a golem of unknown origins. The constructed man bellowed with laughter as he stumbled into the dark, moments after shifting a lever that began to collapse the ceiling down upon the group…



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