Vanitas, Progenitor of Decay

Undying King of Ruin


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Vanitas, Progenitor of Decay

“All life was made in my image; why do you fear death?”

The first human being, Vanitas is the eternal and undying

progenitor of mankind sits atop his earthen throne,
inlaid with the bones of long dead servants of a kingdom long
since past, admiring the beauty of the ossified form he so
dearly feels derived from his own. His throne room strewn with
corpses gradually stripped of flesh by maggots as others like
he, undead and skeletal in form, attend to his every desire. As
the first human being given form, Vanitas actualized his place
in this world as the prototypical design, the original and
unadulterated glory of “the first of his kind”. Before his very
eyes, his own creator sprang forth dozens upon dozens of beings
of all shapes and sizes, but just for a moment he was aware, he
sprang first. And so with a mass of those similar to he before
him, he declared himself as king, and no other could contest
him by word. Ages passed, and mankind with the guidance of The
Creator advanced.

Vanitas’ hubris grew with him, though he ruled as king of this world under the watchful

eye of a being even beyond his comprehension, under his breath he would curse
this benevolent creator, chiding Him on not creating all humans
in his image. Stricken with great wroth, The Creator cursed him
and all his other creations, blighting them with age and death.
Families came to the king pleading for him to undo this plague
now known as “time” and he could not. Time marched onward, King
Vanitas aged and aged, much longer than his subjects, so that
he may understand the inevitability of death. Despite all odds,
this only fueled his pride against The Creator. It became
apparent to him that even should his body fail, his mind
remained. His flesh, blood and sinew have long since rotted
away, and all that remains of the once mighty king are bones.

The once strong body of King Vanitas, the original ruler of the

known world reduced to immortal bones, bound together by a
curse from their very creator. Obsessed with his immortal form,
Vanitas saw himself for who he really was, and understood that
what he was afflicted with was no true ailment, as it only
proved to him that despite their living appearance, all human
life was meant to mirror him in death.The greatest pleasure to King Vanitas is seeing the life of the world rot away before him, so that it may expose it’s true self under the decay, a
self based in his own image from The Creator; an undying sense
of pride for an immortal undead king.

Vanitas, Progenitor of Decay

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