Jiva Crown

I'm looking for someone with the surname "Crown."


Looks about mid-twenties, likely close to a century old
black hair, dull green eyes, dresses in white and maroon

Occultist class, sub-class necromancer
Binds the souls of the dead to puppets, manipulates them as her primary means of offense
Doesn’t seem to feel pain, rebounds quickly from mortal wounds
She often smells strongly of perfume and flowers to mask the scent of her rotting body


People around here tell stories of a woman on the side of the road, picking flowers. She smiles sweetly, but you can see it straight away, there’s no light in her eyes. She’ll tell you anything you want to know, she’ll help you if you’re in need, she’ll say she only wants to find her family, but don’t be fooled. She carries souls in the seams of her skirt. She’ll drag the dearly departed, scratching and screaming, straight out of the grave, and she’ll laugh while they dance. She may shield your mortal body from the creatures out there, but god help your soul once you’ve crossed her path; If you meet her eyes even once, she’ll remember you when you die.

That’s how the story goes, right? Don’t be shy, it’s right to be suspicious out here. But I assure you, none of it’s true. I’ve got a bit of a condition, is all, and the town’s folk are superstitious about that sort of thing. I don’t blame them. Anyway, you’re lost, right? Come, I’ll lead you back to town. We’ll be safe together, I- Oh, would you look at me a moment? My, you’ve the loveliest eyes, friend. (Windows to the soul, they say.) Hmm? No, I didn’t say anything. Watch your step here. We’re almost home.

Jiva Crown

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